"Blood for Mercy gave us so much freedom, we were creating new sounds that we had never tried before" 

Photo: Marc van der Aa, aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac Events
Photo: Marc van der Aa, aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac Events


The trio formed by Bizzey (Leo Roelandschap), Jim Aasgier (Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis) is one of the hottest acts in the scene right know. After their debut álbum, Blood for Mercy, we can see why they are playing the biggest events all over the world. 



Electro Life: Welcome back to Mexico. It's been a long time since your last time here.

How do you feel to be back? 

Nils: It’s always good to be back. Mexico, South America, those shows are the best! They're enthusiastic, they know our music, it’s like coming home.

Bizzey: It was really welcoming like seeing all the people wearing a lot of Blood for Mercy stuff, people with flags in the crowd, it was cool man! Good to be back. 


Electro Life: We know that you've been touring for a while in America, last year with Airjager tour and now with Blood For Mercy. 

How important has been America for Yellow Claw's career?

Nils: In the US there are like a million more spots to play, that's a reason of why we come out here that often.


Electro Life: Talking about Blood for Mercy, it's an album where we can see how the sound of Yellow Claw has evolved thru this 5 years, where we can find the typical YC sound like Catch Me or Bun it Up and a fresh and new sound like  Drowning in Champagne or Lifetime with Tiësto. How did you decide to improve this new sound in your music?

Nils: It’s not something that you plan out, it's a process. We made a lot of music music for this album, maybe like 30 or 40 tracks, which eventualy we just cut out to 16 and the whole thing of making an album gave us so much freedom and not only making tracks for festivals but all from the sudden we were creating new sounds that we had never tried before and that was really refreshing.


Electro Life: One of the highlights of the album is "In My Room". How did this collaboration with great artists such as DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ing and Tyga happened?

Bizzey: This was a collaboration with people that was on the top of the list of artist we wanna collaborate with. We’ve always been great fans of Ty Dolla $ing, Tyga and DJ Mustard. We reached out and hit the studio. 

Nils: We did a really good session with the guys in LA and it was a lot of fun, drinking, smoking, we made a couple beats and “In My Room” was born.

Electro Life: Mexico is one of the countries where you have more fans, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Mexico”?

Bizzey: Burrito! 

Nils: Señorita!


Electro Life: Which are the future plans for Barong Family?

Bizzey: Much more music, a lot of new collaborations with guys that are already on the label, finding new talent, and of course the Winter Music Conference. We are throwing our own party and it's gonna be really cool because all the homies are gonna be there and that’s how we show the fans what we being working on. 

Nils: Everybody is so on top of the game right know like Cesqeaux, Moksi and all the guys, they are producing bangers every week.


Electro Life: Reggie (tour manager), you live with the guys daily, how could you describe each one ?

Reggie about Bizzey: Very spontanius, always in his phone, and always good vibes

Nils: You should add that he always get lost, he is always in his phone and when we are walking, he walks to another ways so he gets lost.

Reggie about Nils: On point with everything, white, the golden boy and likes girls a lot.

Reggie about Jim: Creative, very strict, and lets say a little dictator.


Thank you very much for this little chat and we hope to see you soon back in Mexico.

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