"We’ve been all around the world and Mexico is just something else" - Pep & Rash


EL: How does your project begins? At which moment of your life did you decide to work together? 

P&R: We actually started off as friends and then six years ago we were talking to each other about why we weren’t making music together. We were like 'yeah man let’s do it' and we started making music together, trying to find our own sound. After a few years of searching and practicing we created our own sound, and that’s how it all came together. 

EL: How could you describe your sound on three words?

P&R: Sexy, groovy and funky.

EL: Your music came to innovate and give life to Future house, what's your opinion about this?

P&R: We are honored to be a part of it!


EL: How was your relationship with the guys of Spinnin Records?



P&R: They are so cool man! They’re very nice guys and it was actually our dream to get signed to Spinnin’ one day. It seemed like a long shot and it was amazing when we walked into the office for the first time. Everybody was so nice and for us it was a dream coming true. 




EL: If you had to choose your favorite festival, which would be and why?



P&R: We have a top 2. The sickest festivals we've played at were Weekend Festival in Estonia because there were ten people before we started playing but during our set three or four thousand people came running to us! This never happened to us before and it was a crazy experience! Wish Outdoor is our second favorite because the crowd constantly went crazy and we could feel this amazing energy! That’s our top 2. 




EL: This is your first time doing a show in México, did you like our country?



P&R: We love it here man! It's fucking sick! The food, nice weather, tacos, tequila and great people!




EL: As you guys know, the EDM scene has a very huge number of fans here in Mexico, what do you think about the scene in Mexico?



P&R: I think Mexico is a big market for EDM music. Mexico could even be the craziest EDM scene compared to other countries. We’ve been all around the world and Mexico is just something else, the energy is amazing. 




EL: What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Mexico"?



P&R: Food, tacos, tequila, nice weather, ha-ha!




EL: What can we spect from Pep & Rash in the rest of the year?



P&R: You can expect our collaboration with Lucas & Steve in July! And of course we will play some more crazy shows during the festival season!




Ok! Thank you guys so much! Hope to see you later.

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